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A comment on human nature !

I happened to be flipping through stations the other night looking for something worth watching among the 100’s of stations offered by my cable company ! There isn’t much on these days other than one commercial after another but I finally settled on a movie I watched a few years back……”Contact” with Jodie Foster from 1997 ! It was a decent movie, and seeing as how there was nothing interesting on the myriad of stations available, I thought I’d watch it again ! Watching the movie got me thinking about the size of man in relation to the planet Earth and the size of this planet compared to the size of the Universe……we’re not even a grain of sand !! If you haven’t seen it, Foster stars as Dr. Ellie Arroway, a scientist searching for intelligent life among the stars ! She finally gets evidence of intelligent life and is sent plans for a machine that will take us to other worlds. The interesting facet of this movie is the reaction of world governments about the intent of this alien transmission ! All the governments of the world, including the government of the United States, automatically assume these plans are hostile in nature, designed to harm the human race ! We must think other life forms are as hostile and violent as we are ! The movie finishes with the realization that other life forms may not be as hostile as our own species !

The film shows governments concerned about the cost of building the machine, skepticism of the intent of the plans, and general distrust of everyone ! When Foster is finally “allowed” to take a ride in the machine she herself discovered through these transmissions, she embarks on a journey of discovery that is not believed upon her return ! As she brought no evidence of this journey back with her, the government automatically assumed her “trip” was a figment of her imagination ! The very end of the movie proves her claims and they all live happily ever after !!!! Lol !

The point of this blog is to show the bad side of human nature ! These days, when meeting someone or someting we don’t know, we automatically go on the defensive ! For governments and military, this defense reaction is is justified in their minds as being for “the good of the people”, for “National Security” !
I sometimes sit back and laugh at our society ! Imagine being a superior alien species looking at the human race on Earth from a distant planet. No doubt they would see a people totally wrapped up in their little existence with all of their petty struggles, wars, in-humanity to their fellow man, their reverance for “things” such as gold, silver, money, building wealth, etc. Our entire lives seem to revolve around collecting things like gold, basically a hunk of metal from deep in the Earth that WE put an astronomical value on, and hoarding it for rainy days ! Or better yet, to spend our lives working like dogs to ammass wealth only to leave it to survivors and never really enjoy the fruits of our labor ! I guess that’s what life is about these days !

We really need to sit back and look at the human race from a distance. We go to war with those that don’t have similar mindsets, we go to war over things like gold, diamonds, oil, land……we charge taxes on land….something that was here before people we go to war with a religious justification….some kill others in the name of their “god” ! In the United States, we split off into “Political Parties so dividing a once great country ! We take money from those who spend their lives working, we then give that money to other groups allowing them NOT to work !! We take money from our “citizens” and send it to people in other parts of the world whom we deem as more needy than or own people ! We draw imaginary lines all over the planet, boundaries, called cities, states, countries, etc……and we allow or don’t allow people to pass these boundaries unless we deem it ok according to the man made laws we have enacted !

We put value and legallity on crops that have been grown on this earth for thousands of years ! We decide marijuana is illegal, thus creating a profitable black market for enterprising individuals ! Thousands of years ago some enterprising visionaries discovered gun powder, which led to the invention of guns ! Now we try to outlaw those guns as some will try to use them to harm others ! Also invented thousands of years ago, alcohol and cigarettes are being frowned upon by the general population as “bad” for humans !

We have monolithic corporations that try to “improve” Mother Nature’s supply of food to us by treating said food with man made chemicals designed to yield more and better produce ! Of course, all of this modification comes with consequences…….huge profits for the companies “improving” our food supply. and health problems resulting from this “improved” food !

We now have “health care” forced upon us…..again for the “good of all” ! We’ve created insurance and pharmaceutical companies who basically control our health ! These companies have realized the fact that there’s more of our precious “gold” in simply “maintaining” the symptoms of disease rather than actually erradicating them !

Has technology gone too far ? Has civilization advanced to the point of outliving itself ? Has it passed up the current limits of human comprehension ? Or are humans beings living their last generations as “masters” of the Earth ?

Time will tell people….time will tell !!!